About Us

In 2010 Alexander Florian founded Almatica Pharmaceuticals. In response to the rising costs of prescription medications. Many American seniors in the late ’90s were taking organized bus trips across the border to purchase more affordable medications from a Canadian pharmacies. Online pharmacies, like Almatic Pharmaceuticals were created to help more people take advantage of buying affordable medications. Available by bringing the savings right to them over their computer or phone line.


Almatica Pharmaceuticals has grown to employ hundreds of staff. Together with its licensed international partner pharmacies, Almatic Pharmaceuticals has filled millions affordable prescription orders for customers all over the world. Almatic Pharmaceuticals is the largest and most trusted international mail order provider. We are the global leader in providing medications online.


Almatica Pharmaceuticals is committed to offering its customers the very best prices. On the best brands and generic medications from USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, European Countries, Australia and New Zealand. This commitment to affordable medications is combined with our commitment to providing the best services and pharmacy care in the industry. No other online pharmacy can match our level of customer service, price guarantees and a hassle-free return policy.